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Playing songs from iCloud

Songs from iCloud must first be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone before you can play them in LiveTunes. You can download your iCloud songs through the Apple Music app. Please see below for detailed instructions on how to download your songs.

Apple Music users: Please note that this will not work when using iCloud Music Library, as all songs downloaded from the cloud will be DRM-protected and can thus not be played in LiveTunes. Click here for details

As there is no way for LiveTunes to directly access songs in iCloud, trying to play a song which has not yet been downloaded to your device will result in the following message:

To download a playlist from iCloud:

Tap the cloud icon next to "Download All"  at the top of the playlist.

To download an album or songs by a specific Artist:

Tap the cloud icon in the bottom right corner of the Album/Artist info.

To download a single track from iCloud:

Tap the cloud icon next to the track.

Not sure how many songs are on your device?

If you're not sure how many songs are actually on your device, you can check any time in Settings > General > About on your iPhone or iPad. The total number of downloaded, non iCloud tracks, will appear there.

Note: If you are not using iTunes Match or if you still cannot use the song after downloading, then the song is DRM-protected. DRM-protected songs are not supported on LiveTunes for iPad/iPhone. More details below.

DRM-protected songs

LiveTunes for iPad and iPhone supports all tracks purchased on the iTunes Store with the following restrictions:

  • Apple Music: Tracks added to your library via Apple Music can not be played.

  • DRM protection: Older tracks purchased from the iTunes Store can have DRM protection and can not be played. To play DRM-protected songs please upgrade your existing songs to iTunes Plus in the iTunes Store.

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