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Playing songs from iCloud or Apple Music Click here

Venue downloads seem stuck? Switch to WIFI if on a cellular network or vise versa.  Quit the app and relaunch it. 

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Performance Tip:

Check to make sure you have at least 500mb to 1GB of available space on your device in Settings. This is the recommended available space suggested for optimal performance with all apps. It is especially recommended for the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch (5th gen.). This can help to prevent LiveTunes and other apps from crashing. It can also help your songs load faster in the Player and improve audio playback performance as well. More details  on how to speed up your device can be found here:

Using a Free Music Downloader app?

Your tracks must be in your iTunes library to play them in LiveTunes. If you use a Free Music Downloader app for your music, you may need to copy the files from that app to iTunes before they can be played in LiveTunes. Information on how to do this can usually be found inside the Free Music Downloader app or online.

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