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iTunes "Phantom Tracks" Causing LiveTunes to Crash


There have been a few reports recently of LiveTunes frequently crashing. While this appears to only be affecting a small number of users, we wanted to provide a fix right away.

Thanks to detailed feedback from users like you and after extensive testing, we discovered that the number 1 reason for frequent crashes in LiveTunes was actually due to a known bug in Apple's iTunes music library.

Purchased tracks, also referred to as cloud tracks, can sometimes show up as duplicates in your iTunes library after syching your device to iTunes on your computer where those tracks may already be as well. The tracks would be added again to your device, but your device would still show the "cloud" tracks next to those. There are number of things that can cause this to happen but what you'll want to look out for are these duplicate tracks, most commonly known as "phantom tracks" or "ghost tracks". The easiest way to spot them is to check an album that you may have purhcased. Are the songs appearing twice? It may look like this in your iTunes library:



If you see duplicate "phantom tracks" like these, remove them and you should be good to go. LiveTunes can't play these because the acutal audio files are not there on your device. That's what causes it to crash. You'll notice too that even if you try to play them using the Apple music player, it will just skip it and play the real track.


We are trying to come up with a solution on our end for this Apple bug since they haven't fixed it yet but until then, removing the duplicate phantom tracks is an easy work around. If you have a lot of these, you can also try logging out of iTunes on your iPhone or iPad and then log back in. That worked for some users. If that doesn't work, do an online search for "iTunes ghost tracks" or "iTunes phantom tracks" to find other solutions. There are dozens of them out there as many Apple users have been affected.


If for any reason this does not resolve your issue or LiveTunes continues to crash even after removing the phantom tracks, please let us know right away at Be sure to check the performance tip below as well. LiveTunes uses every ounce of power the iPhone and iPad have to get you the realistic sound it's known for. Some older devices or devices with no available storage may not perform as well as they could. See the info below.

Performance Tip:

Check to make sure you have at least 500mb to 1GB of available space on your device in Settings. This is the recommended available space suggested for optimal performance with all apps. It is especially recommended for the iPhone 4S and iPod Touch (5th gen.). This can help to prevent LiveTunes and other apps from crashing. It can also help your songs load faster in the Player and improve audio playback performance as well.

Using a Free Music Downloader app?

Your tracks must be in your iTunes library to play them in LiveTunes. If you use a Free Music Downloader app for your music, you may need to copy the files from that app to iTunes before they can be played in LiveTunes. Information on how to do this can usually be found inside the Free Music Downloader app or online.

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